TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

TAE40116 Upgrade Workshops (Online)

The TAE is currently under review.

We understand that those trainers holding the TAE40116 will not be required to upgrade when the new version is released. There has not yet been information released regarding those holding an old TAE40110. It is our recommendation that teachers currently holding a TAE40110 (as well as TAEASS502 and TAELLN411) upgrade to the full TAE40116 during this year.


The full upgrade to the TAE40116 from a current TAE40110 (with update units) is very straightforward. It requires completion of a small amount of coursework for two units: TAEASS401: Plan assessment activities and processes and TAEASS403: Participate in assessment validation.


We will be running full-day online workshops for the upgrade of these two units throughout 2022. All knowledge questions are to be completed (approximately 2-3 hours) prior to the full-day workshop. This enables teachers to complete the entire upgrade by the end of that day. Submissions of work will be assessed, results processed and TAE40116 Certificates emailed out within 14 days.


Our first upgrade workshops are taking place:

  • Wednesday 19 October, 11.30am – 7.00pm AEDT (this allows teachers from WA to join for an 8.30am start)

  • Tuesday 25 October, 9.00am – 4.30pm AEDT

  • Friday 2 December, 11.00am - 6.30pm AEDT (this allows teachers from WA to join for an 8.00am start)

Numbers in the online workshops are limited to ensure that teachers have enough support and guidance to be able to complete all coursework by the end of the day.

A copy of TAE40110 including / plus update units TAEASS502 / TAELLN411 MUST be provided to prior to the upgrade workshop to ensure Credit Transfers can be made available.


Enrolment via link:


Cost of enrolment is $580. If you have a large number of staff requiring this upgrade, please contact us to discuss reduced costs and tailored options. 


If you would like to ask questions or discuss any of the above, please contact us directly at 03 8731 7409

The TAE40116 at Ripponlea Institute

At Ripponlea, we believe that the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a key factor in trainer confidence, quality delivery of a course, student engagement, effective compliance practices and student completion of qualifications.

We have a strong emphasis on trainer engagement and understanding, with ongoing support and encouragement throughout the course, to ensure a positive experience and mindset about teaching and learning. 

Consistent progress and course completion is a key focus. To assist teachers in their studies, we provide clear steps and instructions, personalised feedback, ongoing tracking of units attained, and positive and immediate responses to all approaches for help and advice along the way. We work closely with course candidates to help them stray on track and to keep the study momentum going. 

We tailor our course structure to candidates's needs, making sure that coursework is relevant to their area of teaching, suitable for their school or organisation context, and that their learning can be transferred effectively into their classrooms or workplaces when they begin to deliver and assess. 

Course Structure


We have a strong focus on candidate engagement and completion of the course, with ongoing support and personalised tracking of progress. We tailor our course to your context and needs, providing rapid feedback and clear steps towards completion. Our coursework takes candidates through three phases of learning: Design, Delivery and Assessment. The course is made up of ten units and these are covered in the following order:

  • TAEDES401: Design and develop learning programs

  • TAEDES402: Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs

  • TAELLN411: Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

  • BSBCMM411: Make a Presentation*

  • TAEDEL401: Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning*

  • TAEDEL402: Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace

  • TAEASS502: Design and develop assessment tools

  • TAEASS401: Plan assessment activities and processes

  • TAEASS402: Assess competence

  • TAEASS403: Participate in assessment validation

For those with a background in teaching, we offer the opportunity to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for 2 units*.

Delivery Model


Self-paced Independent Study

​We currently run the TAE course as an independent (self-paced) course. All coursework is competed in a candidate's own time. The course includes one 2-hour induction workshop to begin and another workshop halfway through the course (a range of dates offered). With this approach, the enrolment period is for 12 months, however, we encourage completion in approximately 7-8 months. We run induction workshops depending on timing and candidate need.

Learning Materials

We do not use a platform for ‘online learning’ (only a simple platform for access to learning/reading material). We work closely with individual candidates to progressively provide coursework as they are ready for the next step, to track their progress and ensure completion within each individual’s own timeframe and goals. Feedback from candidates about this approach has been extremely positive.


Study Time

Note that the TAE40116 has a large volume of learning and requires setting aside at least 10-12 hours per week – this can vary depending on a candidate’s experience, background, approach to study and personal study habits.

​Mange your own study time with access to support whenever you need it.



Enrolment can take place at any stage using the following link:

All candidates enrolling require a USI if they don’t already have one - this can be created at


The cost for enrolment is $2900 - this includes all workshops, learning materials and ongoing access to support.

Update or Upgrade?

We offer update units TAEASS502 Design and Develop Assessment Tools and TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills at a cost of $340 per unit.


We also provide upgrades from the previous TAE40110, with gap training for the two units TAEASS401 and TAEASS403, along with any required update units.

Intensive Course

In November–December 2022, we will be running an intensive course, designed to support secondary school teachers who require a TAE40116 ready for delivery at the beginning of February 2023. For more information, download this info sheet.

Enrolment in Intensive

Enrolment for the Intensive course is the same as usual enrolments throughout the year - using the following link: . All candidates enrolling require a USI if they don’t already have one - this can be created at

Once enrolled, please email to reserve a spot in the Intensive course.

For more information or to look at tailoring the course to your workplace context, please enquire via Sarah Pavy, Ripponlea Institute Principal, on 03 8731 7409 or email .